Difference between alpha and beta life summoners

in steemmonsters •  3 years ago 

Hi Steemit Friends,

Since upgrading my earth summoner, the next one I am looking to upgrade is my life summoner.

The current summoner I have is from the alpha series so logically I would look into those cards first but was shocked to the prices currently at. It is currently at $2.50 with only 24 available.

Looking at the beta version which seems more reasonable at just under $1 each. At this stage, I may have to switch my beta summoner to buying alpha cards. To upgrade my alpha summoner will be at least double the price of a beta card and my aim is level up to at least 3 to 4 level so that would be a bit of money to fork out. Will have to go through the calculations again to make sure I am better off having the alpha and getting extra 10% DEC or not.




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It's a tough one, I'm in a similar situation....

Would be interesting to hear others thoughts.
I have some level 3 and 4 Alpha summoners, and a level 4 beta, but is it worth trading them for beta's it will only grow maybe 1 level and I will no longer be able to enter Alpha tournaments or collect the extra 10%... but it may also mean I could push higher in diamond league?

The decisions....