Last of potions and beta packs on Splinterlands

in steemmonsters •  3 years ago 

Hi Steemit Friends,

Checking my potion quota, there was only 12 left. Checking beta packs, 1% left. There was no choice but to buy 2 packs to test my luck using them with the last drop of the potion. Remember I flipped a nice gf card a few days ago. I need to have the final try. I could easily spend $4 on the cards I need to upgrade my deck but there will always that 'what if'.

What if I bought the extra two packs and get a gfl card. Can't be greedy, I'll be happy with a normal gf or legendary card which would be nice to finish off the beta packs. All a dream. Again nothing to be cheering for but at least now I won't have the "what if" in my mind when the beta packs run out. It is time to concentrate on the season.





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