Splinterland delegation update after HF

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Hi Steemit Friends,

Delegating SP to Splinterlands was a good decision and with a small delegation, I am getting a somewhat stable income with DEC. With the change with HF, I checked the changes with delegation payout. The last week have been stable except for 1 day which I received less than 20 DEC. On average, my delegation would get me 26-32 DEC a day. Today was a good day and received 36. Although this is still half of what I initially received when delegation started 2 months ago, the returns have been steady. Keep in mind my delegation was only 300sp as that was all the VP I had at the time.

Continual monitoring will be needed but to see that the daily income become steady is a good start. Hope this will continue so I can still support Splinterlands. I can imagine those who have delegated more would be getting a nice amount and would like to see if anyone would like to give their thoughts.

dec delegation sept.png


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Hi and thanks for roi information. How deletagate SP to steemmonsters? 😊

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Delegation can be done via steem connect. good luck