Trying my luck with beta packs bagging a GF card

in steemmonsters •  3 years ago 

Hi Steemit Friends,

Seeing the number of packs decreasing each day meaning we are a step closer to the new cards. At the same time meaning many of us may miss out on the chance to get the cards they want unless buying it from the market. Seeing I have a bit of potion left, I'm going to use the rest of the DEC in my account get a pack to test out the waters.

Boom! GF evlen cutthroat and a talia firestorm. Not a bad pull. I got a bit greedy and used some Steem to buy another pack. Not great but not bad. No golds or legendary. I may get a few more before the potion runs out the next few days and test my luck again.


potion 1.png

potion 2.png


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