How can an investor look at the SteemMonsters game?

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Hello everyone, good morning to all of our dear @steemmonsters game and good morning to all of our @steem-ace and @battlegames game platforms.

I make this text mainly for those who are now entering the blockchain steem and for people who do not know the game and ask on facebook or twitter what game is this.

Well, it's a very cool card game and has a huge difference over all the others. Here we can make money with the steem currency.

I will show you how an investor can make money from this game. There is not only one way. Let's see:

1- Daily Tournaments:

Every day our dear game has multiple tournaments for all levels of players and at various different times, so any player of any level and any country can play, regardless of their time zone. These tournaments are rewarded with our blockchain's steem coin. Some tournaments give you other rewards, like DECS, tokens from some blockchain steem front end, or cards. Of course, the prizes for the higher levels are higher. Also, it's pretty cool, because people in various ranking positions can earn some reward, not just the top spots.

2- Daily Rewards:

Every day SteemMonsters players can do a daily quest that involves winning 5 battles with the same splinter. When the quest is completed, the person wins cards as a reward. The higher her level in the game, the more cards the person will win. These cards range from small values, such as $ 0.02 to high values, such as $ 380, for example. One can sell them domestically and this amount will be converted to Steem or sbd currency. If she doesn't want to sell her cards, she can increase her number of good cards to higher level and earn more rewards in tournaments, daily quests and seasons. In addition, you can convert your card to Decs, which are SteemMonsters tokens, and use it to buy game items or sell for steem.

3- Season Rewards:

We have seasons in the SteemMonsters game. These seasons last 15 days and consist of battles that rank players by rank. The higher the rank that the player reaches during the season, the greater their reward at the end of the season. Rewards are cards the player wins. Now I'm in gold II for example. At the end of the season, if I stay in the Gold II ranking, I will win 26 cards. If I can make it to Gold I, I will win 30 cards .... With each level we increase, we get more cards.

4- Selling Decs:

During the game, with each ranked battle we win, we earn decs. Decs are "Dark Energy Crystal". These are the tokens of the game. We can trade them on SteemEngine and trade them for steem. In addition, we can use them to buy orbs, which give us different types of cards, as well as potions that help us in the game. In addition, we can win them in prize-winning tournaments and by converting cards we will not use, as I said before.

5- Making posts using tags related to the SteemMonsters game:

We can write about our game. For example, we can post about our daily rewards, about tournaments we play, about cards, tell a story about the game, draw a picture, that is, a multitude of things about SM. Whenever we write about this game, we can use the "spt" tag, which is the splintertalk tag. It will reward us with unique tokens from this game. It can only be used if we are talking about SteemMonsters.

We can use the "battle" and "steemace" tags which are game related tags. In them we can talk about any game we will receive these tokens as rewards.

The tag "neoxian" and "palnet" can also be used for SteemMonsters-related topics. They deal with more general matters.

There are other tags that can also be used, but will be in more specific texts about the game. For example, I'm talking about ways for an investor to use the SteemMonsters game, so I can use the tag "steemleo", which speaks exclusively of investments ...

6- Enter the @steemmonsters contest about game history or art:

Here, they run practically weekly contests where we can tell a story about the game or some of its characters, or make some art, such as a drawing. We compete for beta packs that will give us game cards. We can sell the beta pack on steem-engine or open it and sell the cards or use them in the game.

7- Post SteemMonsters-related videos on

We can make some video related to the game, such as showing a battle, talking about the game itself, some card, the decs, some economic issue or anything else related to SM and posting it on Dtube. In addition to being able to receive votes from the @dtube account that gives us steem, we may receive reward tokens, such as "Battlegames" "Steem-Ace" "Splintertalk" "Palnet" tokens and more.

To maximize our token gain, we can post by the exclusive dtube of each token cited.

BattleGames has
Steem-Ace has

Using one of these 2 for example, their tag would already come out and one could choose another to put, since in dtube we can only choose one tag to put only ....

8- Delegate steempower to the @steemmonsters account:

We can delegate our steempower to the @steemmonsters account and we will earn decs daily. This will allow us to sell or use them within the game, as mentioned earlier.

Well, for you guys to see how cool this game is for us. I cited the 8 ways I remembered now. But I imagine more people can contribute to my text and add other ways.

Done. I hope it helped you. I wish everyone a good game and we can all win in this amazing game.

To the next!!

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Nice list of ways to earn with SM! I had known of these ways, but hadn't counted them and didn't realize there are so many!

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Great article

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Vamos lucrar! É um ótimo post para pessoas como eu que quer começar a jogar e ainda não sabe os caminhos das pedras. Valeu!

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