Lose weight and look good day 065

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Sorry to show you my "down" face. I'm usually a very positive person, but the day has been really rough and I couldn't make a better post to describe how I felt. The only replacement manager left in the office has tendered his resignation last Wednesday when I was on leave having fun at Genting. Today, he's probably trying to show me how difficult his situation is, by diverting my referred case to HQ. The case has been submitted to him before 10am, and we managed to drag it all the way until evening 4:30pm. I've wasted whole day sitting infront of my laptop, making calls, chasing from department to department to get the approval. And in the end, HQ refused to approve for me because the approval limit falls under branch mandate. In the end, I still got the approval, but the day had already concluded. I was stuck in the office whole day, missing much opportunity to go out and approach for new business. Job is seriously tough! Enough of that rant, let's get back to something slightly more positive in my life.

If you remember last Thursday I bought a pair of new pants, where @erikahfitreferred it as fancy pants, making fun of me together with @littlenewthings. Yeah laugh all you can! I had the pants on me today with my belt to realized the pants is a good fit(may be too fit, as I find it a little too tight with my wallet on my butt cheek). And now the belt seems like having extra few inches off. Muahahaha! After 2 months, finally I can feel some physical changes on my body. Apologize on the over exposure. For some unknown reason, my phone camera tend to overexposed too much recently. I wouldn't be too optimist to change phone right now as I'm not quite certain of my job situation now. Let's hold the horses for now, if not necessarily, I will not spend extra.


Whilst I was saying I should not spend extra, here comes my overeating breakfast meal since I was on the mood of celebrating having extra inches on my belt.

Chili paste fried noodle with dual fried egg. Why two eggs? Well, some said, it's for "balancing" purpose. Don't ask me how that came, I'm just loving fried eggs. I used to whack 10 eggs a day when I was building up my body mass.

Followed by a piece of APAM, a form of pancakes alike traditional Indian food. Why is the plate wet? Those are coconut milk.

According to my Indian friend, the coconut liquid may or may not be pure coconut milk. Sometimes, traditional Indian restaurant will use yeast fermented coconut milk, which probably turned them into coconut wine yo! Taste is marvelously good! Damage to the pocket

  • Fried noodle RM2
  • Fried eggs RM2
  • Apam RM1.60
  • Black tea RM1.00 Calories count? Probably 800 for this meal alone! Diet program spoilt.


I don't actually feel hungry at that point of time. I'm rather feeling boring sitting in the office trying to work things out. So I head to the cafeteria and picked up some food. Chili fried eggplant, fried bitter gourd, curry egg, a little bit of rice crackers and a cup of blacktea again. Total damage RM4.60 for all that! Calories count? May be another 500?


Sweet sour pork rice is always favorite of the kids. For some unknown reason, the youngest did not finish his dish, so I suddenly become garbage collector and clean up the balance. Later I ate a piece of biscuit and a big cup of coffee. No pictures on supper, as I was busy with doing some other house chores and left the phone charging. Last but not least, I would like to remind that I'm not a professional photographer, neither am I a food reviewer. I'm merely a social blogger who likes to share my daily life, in and out to entertain other people. So, don't expect I am always taking good food photography for sharing. I'm just an average person, and I'm allowed to show you my ordinary meal from time to time. Do lower your expectation on my food photos.

This is not a competition with @erikahfit but we respect each other and we give mutual support to each other so we will be on track and keep ourselves motivated. I want my sexy beach body, and she wanted a healthier body. I will recycle this portion of footer to keep reminding us we're on a mission.



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Aw, at least you got some inches loss. Even with down-time, you have some positive results (though it may not be the healthiest losing weight through stress) haha.

Good for you nontheless. I gained by 1kg the last few days since my mom because the chef of my home... which is a VERY BAD sign if I don't regularly go to the gym. haha.


Cutting down intake superceded the amount of training conducted. Furthermore, we got only this much of time dedicated for workout, how much do you expect can burn in a day.

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