Lose weight and look good day 066

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Back to storyboard, where my very close friend is in trouble where her mom was suffered from a stroke some half a year ago, and currently not doing well. Recent few days, she could not eat anymore, for several occasions she stopped breathing due to respiratory system shut down. At this moment, there's no word can describe the amount of pain where family member had to see the love one suffer. Not forgetting my friend is actually having a broken backbones, she herself is suffering assisting the sick mother over the night at the hospital. At this point of time, all I can do is listen, listen and continue to listen. What would you do?

Aside of the sad news, I made a new personal best, beating myself close to 1 minute compare to past performance! 40 squats may be looks a little for you, but today's warm up routine is insane. I literally had to struggle through the entire warm up routine. Look at the training result, don't you see the irony? Time taken for the main focused workout was only 5:35, what happened to the rest of the 11:25 minutes? Absolutely right, on the crazy warmup that took almost 10 minutes to complete.

Recently, due to late sleep, or probably too many occassions I did not take proper dinner meal, and I felt hungry in the morning nowadays. Fried noodle with fried egg and a cup of tea, for 4 bucks.

It feels like there's been a month I haven't come to KFC right opposite of my office tower. This, is one of the hottest KFC in Selangor area. Reason being, it's not because of hot. Hot as in, very popular. Since my colleague invited me for fried chicken meal, and I have agreed to lunch date him.

Yeap! That's what I'm talking about! Crunchy and finger sucking good! I know, don't correct me no more. Since they don't use the tag line no more. For RM10.40, just the two piece of chicken, had I order a full set with rice and drinks which will only cost me RM14.50, which is more worthy. Well again, had I order a set, it will be the path of overeating without even realizing it. I already had enough carbs during breakfast, this chicken lunch should offset a little bit of excessive calories.

One of my client(not really my client, she is my ex-boss client, I'm temporary servicing her account), knowingly the business relation is going sour since my ex-boss had joined the competitor, soon he will come back and attack this client regardless. Best part of this client is, she cares more on friendship than business. Business is another thing, when term can't be meet, there's no way either of us will continue the business network, knowingly one of us is going to suffer loss, might as well cut the crap short before our friendship turn sour. Before I leave her office, she forced me to take away some of her cooking. This stew pork and chicken feet is marvelously sweet and fragrant. I took a few slices of pork knuckle and one chicken feet and one egg.

Other than pork, she also stuff in another piece of fried fish.

Dinner was done at ex-girlfriend's parents house. Note that on the left plate has a chicken wing, also was given by my client and I planned to have it all by myself. So, tonight no need rice. I'll be really full trying to finish this table of food. Mag also cooked fried eggs, braised potato and pork slices, Chinese sausage, and a plate of minced pork. Had a blast, and I don't know how much damaged it make. Let's hope everything alright until next week when I decide to climb on the scale and see.


This is not a competition with @erikahfit but we respect each other and we give mutual support to each other so we will be on track and keep ourselves motivated. I want my sexy beach body, and she wanted a healthier body. I will recycle this portion of footer to keep reminding us we're on a mission.



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