The world's oldest travel company Thomas Cook goes bankrupt, end of traditional TAs?

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I seen the news too

City tours are boring now. The scams are all the same 😭

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I saw you also posted about thomas cook, it’s really been in the news right?
btw: someone probably is a big fan of package travels lol. TT

It's a major event. It's like Tesco or Walmart going bankrupt, and all the shops closing immediately.

So sad but probably package travel is no longer a good model nowadays.

I agree and many of these packaged holidays don’t even give you a real taste of the country you visit they are specifically crafted to suit how the traveler feels.

I don’t think it’s the end of packaged holidays I do think it’s still has it’s place but we are seeing people shift to wanting to build their own travel plans

I don’t think they’ll be the only TA to go belly up and a few more will follow

Yea probably not the end, still quite a lot of people are using them I guess.

I'm not a fan of package holidays myself, but they do have their place, even now. The best thing about them is that you can book a holiday and then pay it off in instalments, which is really valuable for lower income families.

It also depends on what kind of travelling you want to do. Some people just want to go somewhere and relax at the beach or beside the pool and enjoy an all inclusive package, so they don't have to worry about paying for meals or how much money they will have to spend while away.

And some people just don't want to have to have the hassle of doing everything themselves. The market has changed for tourism and travel meaning there is much less demand for package holidays, but they still have their place.

yea I agree, changed the title. Probably package holidays kind of travel is gonna stay for a while. But actually they don't make much profit any more, as you can book the package holidays easily with online bookings sites just with a few clicks. Often it's cheaper and better quality.

I agree, in fact new ones have come up recently. Easyjet created a package holiday service website in the last few years too... Thomas Cook may have survived if they had put more of their business online.
Its more the older generation that don't like or trust using the internet that will still use traditional Travel Agents, but they won't be around much longer.

Like you said, the industry is changing, and if a business doesn't change with it, it will be doomed.

Travel agents are being disrupted and some have created own booking engine. I think the niche players will still be around but I'm sure many more will disappear. I remembered Thomas Cook used to have traveller's cheque. That is before there was more credit cards for you young lady who don't know. 😎

what is traveller cheque lol i really didnt know!

Traveler's cheque
A traveler's cheque is a medium of exchange that can be used in place of hard currency. They can be denominated in one of a number of major world currencies and are preprinted, fixed-amount cheques designed to allow the person signing it to make an unconditional payment to someone else as a result of having paid the issuer for that privilege.
They were generally used by people on vacation in foreign countries instead of cash, as many businesses used to accept traveler's cheques as currency. The incentive for merchants and other parties to accept them lay in the fact that as long as the original signature (which the buyer is supposed to place on the cheque in ink as soon as they receive the cheque) and the signature made at the time the cheque is used are the same, the cheque's issuer will unconditionally guarantee payment of the face amount even if the cheque was fraudulently issued, stolen, or lost.

new there's a bot

Bot Has been around for a while

I don’t use TA because it’s to easy to book online. My kids also don’t use them because they are not flexible enough for their preferences.

I think all businesses have to evolve with changing time or die. No matter how big a dinosaur is it will perish by not adapting to change.

I do feel sorry for those who lost their job or who were stranded. I wish them all good luck and better fortune in the future.


Uhmmm well, all I can say is, it's too bad they weren't able to keep up with the times... Always sad when a big company goes bankrupt. Look at Kodak. Ah well... Such is life.

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