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No, I am not OK with that.
Everytime that we make adjustments on the upvotes, I always end receiving a little less. All the roundings are for a little less than it mathematically should be and this time there is no reason to decrease the percentage. You are receiving back half of your upvote and I only want to receive the same upvote after curation.
Today and yesterday, after HF21, I received the old percentage of 21%. I hope you will repay it, as you will receive 50% of these upvotes and not 25%.

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@ronaldoavelino you got to understand here that it is simply not possible to give the ROI as before. Plus I don't yet know what the Percentage is gonna be because steemnow is not fully operational yet. That is why I haven't changed the VP yet.

As for the ROI you are not at all in loss as I am almost 100% sure that nobody except ssgcommunity is giving the same ROI.

You will be getting 30x of your 1000 SP. Yes it will drop your Profit by 1.75% but on the other hand you will be making a total profit of almost 10% out of your initial 1000 SP.

As for the slow percentage decrease it was due to the fact that I get more Delegation plus my own increase of SP.

As for the last two votes I will adjust them once every service goes back to normal. You won't have to worry about that.

From calculating on the top of my head I feel like it's going to be around 26-29% Upvote per post for you. This is a rough calculation, and you delegate to a lot of Delegation Services and I am sure you can see that you are definitely not in loss here.

Please do reply.

We will talk again when you have the final numbers, OK?
It was not the last two votes. It was the last 3 votes, because the first of the day was under HF20.

I will take care of those Votes no worries but I hope you understand that even if I don't Increase the ROI you will still be in Profit only the Profit percentage is decreasing.

Say for example before the HF your profit was 10 now it is 7.5. But I will increase my ROI which will make your profit 8.75. I am just trying so that you don't lose a big chunk of your Profit.

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I just got the numbers back. You will be getting two Upvotes at 26% which will set the ROI at 30x. You can calculate that if you like.
Please do reply @ronaldoavelino

You said above that I was receiving a 25% ROI in HF20. In HF20 I received a .75 x 21% upvote = 15.75% upvote value.
In HF21 you are proposing a 26% upvote. That means that I will receive a .5 x 26% upvote = 13% upvote value. How is it possible to receive a lesser upvote value and increase my ROI to 30%?
That is simply comparing pre and post HF21.

I never said a 25% ROI I have always said 25x ROI. I even gave you a detailed calculation last time.

I explained this last Time-

1000 SP*25 = 25000 SP and I was upvoting you with that amount of SP.

Now I am increasing that 25x to 30x which means

1000 SP*30=30000SP so you get upvote with that amount of SP.

I am sorry, but I don't care about ROI, RAI or RUI.
I care about the amount of money that I receive in each upvote.
I received 15.75% of the upvote and you are proposing that I receive 13% of it.
Why should I lose 2.75% of each upvote when you, that received .25 x 21% = 5.25% now will receive .5 x 26% = 13% back?
I just do not want to lose 2.75% of each upvote. That is why I proposed a 31.5% upvote, so I would keep the same value.

HF21 seriously did a number here and you got to understand that. So what about the other Delegation Services you are delegating to are they increasing the VP or are they even giving close to what I am giving out.

It's not like I am deliberately taking the 13% back, the system has changed and we all need to work around it. All I can do is make sure the profit margin doesn't go down for you a lot.

As money does not disappear, if I am losing money, someone is getting this money. Who would be this someone?