A Dying Doctor Tested on Himself: Survived and Now Saves Lives!

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Another piece of good news for everyone on this planet.

I'm always on the lookout for good pieces of medical research, and I stumbled upon a story that shows the courage and determination of some humans.

These are the humans who further, well, humanity - and they do so at their expense as Dr David Fajgenbaum well knows.

This man was so sick he even received the last rites, but a new experimental treatment he did on himself not only saved his life but is now saving others.

Learn more about it on this article.


Dr David Fajgenbaum's Story: How He Cheated Death!

Dr. David had Castleman disease, which is a group of inflammatory diseases which range in intensity - sometimes they can be confused with a flu while others they can quickly kill their host.

Well, Dr. David had a case that was shutting down his organs, and he even received the last rites.

To tell you the truth, people with this disease usually die within 5 years.

Fajgenbaum tried chemotherapy and got all of those side-effects of chemo for nothing - the disease wasn't responding to any treatment.

There was also a drug that only worked on half the patients with Castleman, and Faj wasn't lucky enough to have it work for him... however, he started studying the molecules responsible for the disease.

He thought:

"No one else is going to cure this disease, I have to cure it myself"

And so he researched and found that his molecule would respond to a concoction that was given to patients after kidney transplants to stop the body rejecting the kidneys.

He started taking those drugs and is now in remission.

Not only that, he discovered that this drug potentially can send breast cancer into remission as well, revolutionizing medical research in the area.

Studies are now being conducted as I write this on how to turn these treatments mainstream and whether or not they are safe enough to use, but they saved his life.

He saved himself!

The Importance of Independence: Not Relying on Others

I say this a lot, but independence is one of the most important things in this world.

Not relying on others is vital for your own good, and crypto guys know this as they want to have as much financial independence as they can.

So, this medical development has deep implications and morals everyone should analyze - the ability to rely on your own abilities throughout your life is something you should strive to have.

Not only that, but the notion that you are aware you can ultimately count on yourself, are two potentially life-saving thoughts.

Think about it...

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