Authentic & Delicious Nasi Padang Indonesian Food, Jakarta-Indonesia

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Hello, foodies!
Today i would like to share my lunch experience last Friday.

Outlook of the restaurant


It was a small Padangnese restaurant which was located on Haji Nawi Street, South Jakarta.

The restaurant was small with only 5 tables, but many customers came there to eat and also to take away the nasi padang. The dining area was clean and neat but it had no air conditioner.


In front of the restaurant, they showed off their menu here.

You could see many padangnese food like ayam balado (spicy chilli paste chicken), telur gulai (chicken egg cooked with orange yellow coconut milk), rendang (authentic style coconut cooked beef) and any other menus.

We chose what we wanted to order then the seller (she was the owner), prepared the food for us.

Here was the food


Mom's order was rice with ayam balado.


The flavor of the ayam balado was fantastic. It was savory and soft with not too spicy red chilli paste on its' top.

This was mine


Mine was rice with ayam goreng (padangnese style fried chicken) and also perkedel. The ayam goreng tasted great, soft and savory with delicious serundeng on it. The perkedel was awesome too, the flavor was savory with not much oil in frying it and also good quality of the potato as its main ingredient.

Like always in Padangnese food, they also gave some vegetables and also sambal ijo (authentic green spicy chilli paste).
The sambal ijo was extra delicious too, savory and spicy. The vegetable they gave was also delicious.

To complete our meals, we also bought the rambak. Actually it was chips(krupuk) which made from the cow's skin and the flavor was savory, crunchy and of course yummy. Mom also added white fried chip beside the rambak.


Mom was eating with 'muluk' style, with only hand and no needed the spoon and fork.

The Price
For all the food and the drink (tea were free and free flow) plus fried rambak and krupuk we paid 46,000 IDR (around 3.8 USD).

I invite you to try this restaurant, if you wanna try authentic padangnese food in Jakarta and also dare you to do 'muluk' style eating this nasi padang

10th Haji Abdul Nawi Street
South Jakarta
open daily 9am-9pm

Restaurant Information

South Cipete, Cilandak, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia

Authentic & Delicious Nasi Padang Indonesian Food, Jakarta-Indonesia
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long time didn't food post,
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very asian style

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Looks tasty!

thanks, yes it was. do you have it too in malaysia?