Grandma 100 years Birthday Special Dinner

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Yesterday was my grandma's birthday. To celebrate it all of twelve her children even all came from other countries to celebrate it, and also most of her grandchildren and great grandchildren who lived in Jakarta came too.

We celebrated it in a dinner in a private dining room at Suncity restaurant 7th floor LTC Glodok, West Jakarta.

Here was the restaurant 6th floor then we went to the private room on 7th floor.


The lift was located in front of the private dining room


The private dining room


It was large enough for 6 tables, like usually, it had 10 chairs on each table. The table were large too, so we had enough private space for a person. It was clean, neat and well decorated (cause my cousin already hired the decoration team for this event).

After the photo sessions then we had dinner and also did karaoke.

Here was the dinner's menu


The 1st one was peking duck spring roll.


This one was my favorite, it was delicious, crispy and tasty with the sweet sauce inside. Really tasty!

The 2nd one was 3 BBQ combination.


This one had the combination of jellyfish, roasted chicken and BBQ pork. The jellyfish was easy to swallow and chewy. The roasted chicken was soft and savory, while the BBQ pork was soft, savory and a bit sweet.

The 3rd one was soup, it was Thai angsio hisit.


It had a deep sour flavor which i didn't like.The fish meat tasted ok. It was served with the hotpot too keep it warm.

The 4th menu was black pepper USA beef. The taste was spicy and hot plus savory but i didn't like spicy flavor from pepper. The beef was soft and easy to bite.


The 5th menu was Hongkong steamed grouper fish.


It was tasty, savory and super soft. I liked it!

The 6th menu was Wheat fried shrimp.


The shrimps were already taken off from the skin and it deep fried with the wheat and also flour. This was a bit crunchy and dry. Not the one i loved the most.

The 7th menu was Steamed garlic scallop with glass noodles.


I didn't like it, a bit hard to eat it for me cause it was chewy and also the taste was not tasty.

The 8th menu was Black pepper peking duck.


It was soft, tasty and also spicy. But i didn't recommend the black pepper at all.

The 9th menu was Tofu angsio with shimeji mushroom.



The tofu was super soft and also there were pocai and also mushroom. It tasted savory and delicious.

The 10th menu was Yangzhou fried rice.


The yangzhou fried rice was same like the ordinary yangzhou fried rice with not too much soy sauce and white color. The flavor was a bit savory. It had some toppings inside like shrimp and any others.

The last 3 menus were the desserts:
Mango Sagoo cream


It was really sweet with the mango freshness. It had bubbles that popped out when you bite it.

Ice mountain pudding


With the dry ice, they served the nice pudding and jelly. Me and mom try the chocolate and the longan one. The chocolate was the pudding with vla on its' top. While the longan was jelly with longan in the bottom and frog's eggs on the top. All of those were sweet and tasty. Jelly tasted fresh.
I thought they changed kuilingkao with
Layer pudding with vanilla sauce


It was tasty but not too sweet and it was so good for my tongue.

Extra was the sliced cake, it was tiramisu flavor, not too sweet and tasted a bit coffee. The texture was soft and smooth.


The waiters and waitress here were really helpful, fast and reliable. They changed our plates for every single dish they served. And also the dining room was comfortable for family gathering. The price for a person was more than 300,000 IDR (around 20.7 USD).

And also my cousin gave some extra souvenirs for us, a cushion with the cartoon picture of my grandma and also some longivity buns.


You could try to eat here too
Sun City Restaurant
6th floor LTC Glodok
open daily 10am-3pm & 6-10pm

Restaurant Information

Sun City Restaurant
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.127, RT.1/RW.6, Mangga Besar, Kec. Taman Sari, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11180, Indonesia

Grandma 100 years Birthday Special Dinner
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Happy birthday grandma 🙂

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thank you :)

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100 years? That's a great celebration! Congrats to her!

yes, it is. Thank you @shaidon

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Happy birthday to your mom.
100 years is a great achievement.

thanks, but she is my grandma

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Ops... write error :)

np :)

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yummy yummy

The elders speak mandarin or hokkien?

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bahasa and sometimes khek dialect, no hokkien

Wow I like hearing Bahasa

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haha how about u? could ur family speak in bahasa?

They cannot. I can... In my dreams I'm as fluent as the newscaster on TV

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haha you could learn

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U teach huh

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learn by urself, like me

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