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If you take a close look throughout history, all those people/nations who managed to free themselves from different kinds of slavery, they all had something in common. What's that common thing you may wonder?

The desire to live free and unchained...

But before that...

...they all endured lots of trials and tribulations. A perfect example is my own country. Greece. We used to be subject of the Turkish nation from 1453 till 1821. That's almost 400 years. 400 years being a subject are way, way too many. But there comes a moment when people finally wake up, stand for their rights and fight for what was rightfully theirs right from the beginning. In this case, to live as free men.

There are so many great examples to write about, but it's Sunday night and Sundays are all about friends, family and chilling out, so I guess you wouldn't like to read something I'll try to keep this one short.

Modern slaves...

That's us...I mean 90%+ of the world's population falls into this category. Why? I'll tell you why...working 9 - 5 for the minimum wage maybe? If you are lucky..., if not, then just because you need to put food on the table and that minimum wage isn't enough, you probably have a part time job also. And need to take care of all the bills...the paycheck to paycheck only to receive a pension that isn't enough to cover your basic needs...and just like that you simply die...

It's been happening...

...for too many years in many countries all over the world. That's what you are. That's what we are. Modern economic slaves. You think you are free...but you are not. You think you have a say...but you don't. You are nothing but an ant to them...

Is that what you call life? This ain't life, this is torture. They've created this economic chaos and a huge debt in every part of the world where all nations owe to each-other and that bubble has become so big that you think it will suck you in.


To whom do all these countries owe to?

And that's where cryptocurrencies come into play...

The main idea behind all the crypto projects out there is to cut the empower ensure that we can change the world and create a new one. A decentralized new world. Where people will finally have a say. This will be the greatest of all battles.

You see, it took us almost 400 years to finally "wake up" and fight forour lands when we should have done that from day one. But we didn't...

Fast forward to the present days, we are economic slaves for many decades in a row. But there were no Crypto back in the 70's did they?

Crypto DO have the power to change the World and reshape it. We only need to believe in it.

And be prepared for a longlasting can't take the lion's pray while it's eating and expect it to do...nothing.

So whether you believe in Steem, in BTC in EOS etc, don't expect to wake up in the morning and see the world you've been dreaming of. It might take years...a lot of years...

History in the making...


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Howdy dear @mindtrap.

Cryptocurrencies really free the people. They are a path to true empowerment.

This is known by the banking corporations and the governments of the world.

That is why we see discredit campaigns: the president of the United States issued statements stating that the crypto "is not real money."

But this will only delay what is imminent: The total adoption of crypto.

Your friend, Juan.

  ·  3 years ago (Edited)

the president of the United States issued statements stating that the crypto "is not real money."

While, just because we take a damn piece of paper...put some fancy colors on it and a number...makes it real...

Global awaking...loading

Holy shit.

It has gone too far, and no more a question IF the bubble is gonna burst, but WHEN it will burst.
And money has to go somewhere. And Gold, silver AND Crypto's will go sky high. That's at least what I believe.

That's what we all believe...but don't expect them to go down without a fight man...

That if....I hope that we are going to be witnesses...during this lifetime

I remember the bankingproblems in Greece back in 2015. Imagine the chaos when a bubble bursts and that happens in several countries (if not the whole world, because of snowball-effect). Chaos in the streets.

Believe and hodl for that glorious day, it will come!

Can't even imagine the effects for ordinary people when that debt bubble bursts...and they lose everything in a blink of an eye

It was hard the first time and the next one will be way worse. I didn't realise you were from Greece so you will have first hand experience.

Yeah, first hand indeed. IMF and EU along with our worthless / traitors politicians made sure we will never wise

As you say, crypto will come to the masses or the masses will come to crypto when they see how it can free them from that kind of tosh

Being free is always a good dream. I like to think that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are some more pieces to achieve this dream in a reality that we can achieve.

Hopefully...some day...