The Steemleo Show #4 | During The Endless Crypto Winter, Here Are Your 2 Options

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STEEM is below $0.20 and many of the alts are bleeding as well. When crypto prices are dropping, what can we do?

What do we do as long-term investors and hodlers? What are our options? How can we proceed in a seemingly endless crypto winter?

In today’s podcast, I talk about the 2 options you have in a long-term bear market when you’re a deeply passionate crypto investor. This applies not only to STEEM, but to any crypto project out there.

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I needed that this morning, thanks. I agree whole heartedly! I have been trying to figure out how to say that without offending the “moon boys” and getting attacked, lol. I came into this space with that thought of getting rich but quickly realized after a while that I wasn’t in it for the money, I was truly in it for the tech and what it is going to do and is doing for society. In the last couple of months, I have even quit looking at charts daily. Quit trading, and started really investing in the few projects that I feel are going to be long term, and Steem is definitely one of those! The way I look at low prices is awesome entry points!

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Let's not forget all the stress and workload reduced from switching to long term investments. I still do trading. But I haven't done day trading in over a year.

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Winter's been over for many who bought the f*cking dip (BTFD) at 3K BTC. I'm buying the STEEM dip now. LEO tribe long, Leo tribe strong!


That’s exactly right. If you bought Bitcoin then you understand the Bitcoin ride.

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That's exactly right, man. I like it when price is down better than when they're up. The use (and pricing) will be so much more in 2025, I honestly don't care what it is right now.

Steemit has brought the negative perception of the early crypto enthusiasts, even today we still waiting for communities and SMT...

Too much talk with nothing concrete on the table!

This was a very good Podcast. I think it’s really important during a bear market to help people keep their perspective.

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Thanks for the reminder of whats important at the moment. Price and growth will come in time if the community keeps building. With everything going on around STEEM, its only a matter of when, not if.

Nice post @khaleelkazi, this will really change one's perspective and mentality about steem

@khaleelkazi, I am an Hodler and i am happy with this decision. In my opinion most of the successful projects gone through from a rough journey before reaching it's Ultimate Visibility and Adoption.

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Any premium spotify account available?

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