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Anyone who's been in crypto long enough knows what it's like to have a conversation about crypto with someone who knows nothing about it but is curious to learn more.

It's very difficult to explain crypto in a short conversation. I mean, just explaining Bitcoin takes long enough... then you want to explain the Alts that you like and all the various technologies and use cases behind it all? Impossible.

In this episode I lay out 3 things I like to start off with. Drop a comment on the Steem post with this episode and let me know what 3 things you talk about first.

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Yes, sorry we’re having a problem with the airdrop script. We’ll have the LEO out within 12 hours. Hope you understand :)

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@khaleelkazi, When it comes to newbies then i will advice three things as listed below.

  • Do your research and only believe your research.

  • If possible then don't keep Cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

  • Don't just concentrate towards the price because Technology is a thing.

Keep up the good work. 👍

I liken it to penny stocks and tell people that there are a bunch of these "companies" that trade their tokens for Bitcoin.

Other than that I like to explain how decentralization is a better solution to many problems... at that point people begin to lose interest because they don't understand.

It feels like just yesterday, I got started into crypto, and now I can't believe I'm no longer a rookie but an amateur who's also made a shit ton of mistakes.

Like many others I struggle explaining what cryptos/blockchains are, do and will be using this podcast as a point of reference.

Cheers for the pleasant listen!

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Mate that was the best listen I had for a very long time. Maybe the next time I try to convince anyone to join the crypto world, I should just say instead : Listen to this first and then I will answer any questions you might have

Just awesome. That calmness...You know who you remind me of, right?

Fully agree with you just said above @mindtrap

Haha thanks, glad to hear you liked it! I hope it gets better with time.

Lol yeah, been getting that so much! Huge compliment to be compared to Dan :)

Yeah man, this was awesome.

Love the 3 tips and think it's so important for newer crypto investors to have these kind of simple, easy to follow nuggets....Print them out even so you don't forget lol

Woot, glad you liked the episode! haha funny you should mention printing them out.. I'm going back to this place to talk to a group of people who are now interested in crypto after hearing from me. I'm planning on printing a short write-up similar to this podcast and then handing them a piece of paper with private keys to some shiny new Steem accounts as well 🙏🏽 hopefully we get a few new users out of the deal

A really good listen. I'll be using this the next time I get asked :)

Thanks :) let me know if you do, let's see if we can't onboard a few new steemians!

i igree

Decentralization meaning, liberty, the meaning of “value”

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The decentralization aspect of crypto is one of the main things that newbies overlook. People seem to have a hard time understanding that there is no real "owner" except you and your private keys

Well explained! I'll use this method from now.

Thanks also for and the Token, I love it and investing in it.

greetings, @khaleelkazi

very nice, man!!! I agree!!!

greetings, @khallelkazi

very nice, man!!!!

Buy at low :)

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I think you really have a good understanding of the difficulties on boarding people. It would be great if we could get a transcript of your podcast.

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