Icelandic pursuit of Aurora Raiders

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The first impression many people have on Iceland is that there is an aurora. Yes, Iceland is a very good country to observe the Northern Lights . The capital's high latitude, relatively mild weather and unique scenery are the reasons to support it.

If you are planning to travel to Iceland because of the aurora, you must collect this aurora basic interpretation article.

  1. What season can you see the aurora?


From the end of August to the middle of April

In fact, the aurora phenomenon occurs throughout the year, but because only in very dark circumstances our eyes to observe this phenomenon, it is only in the year of the end of August to mid-April next year have the opportunity to see, in the summer because of the very day I can't see them!

  1. What weather is best for aurora?


Sunny weather

Strong auroral activity index

The auroral activity index and cloud coverage of the day are both important factors. Even the brightness of the moonlight will affect the aurora observation. In short, if the weather is fine and the Aurora activity index is strong, then you have the basis to see the aurora.

  1. Where can I see the aurora?


Aurora can be seen all over Iceland

Keep away from light pollution and away from bright urban areas

The whole island of Iceland is near the Arctic Circle. In theory, it has the conditions to see the aurora. But before, if you want to see a clear aurora, it must be dark enough. The surrounding light pollution can not be serious. The city ​​center is not suitable for observing aurora. a . Of course, if you want to take amazing aurora photos, it is recommended to observe the aurora in those beautiful areas. Such as Jiegu Sharon Glacier Lake, Straw Hat Mountain, Skoga Falls and so on.

  1. What color is the Northern Lights?



Most common is green

The colors, intensity, brightness and shape of the Northern Lights vary. The most common color is light green, sometimes pink or red. Occasionally, yellow, white, blue, and violet aurora are visible.

For example, in this picture, the aurora is a little yellow in the middle of violet + blue-green.

  1. Can I see Aurora this year?


I have seen many aurora many times this year.

Sometimes very strong

Many friends who are concerned about the Northern Lights will hear that there is no aurora in the next few years. Can you still see the aurora in the future? In fact, the aurora activity is determined by the solar activity. The solar wind has a cycle, and the strength and weakness have increased, but it will not disappear completely. This year, I have seen many aurora many times, and many times it is very strong.

  1. Can the phone take Aurora?


Can be photographed when the aurora is very strong

But the effect is very poor

Since the shooting of the aurora is in the dark, and the mobile phone generally does not have a time-lapse exposure function, even if the aurora is particularly strong on the day, it is generally slag quality. It is recommended that everyone, if you want to take a good-looking aurora, you can shoot with a camera that can be exposed for a long time . Watching the aurora through the lens will bring magical effects. Even if the aurora is not strong enough, you can take a wonderful photo and take it home to commemorate!


If you don't rent a car in Iceland and don't want to think about where to chase the Aurora, the easiest way is to report an Aurora group!

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Amazing captures of one of the most spectacular phenomena by Mother Nature herself. Awesome post, let me get you some extra support for it :)

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