Philippine Kava Mountain Descendant, stunned and jumped a cliff

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When traveling to Cebu, Philippines, there are about three tourist projects that must be selected: one is to go to the sardines to see the sardines, the other is to go to Oslob to see the whale sharks, and the third is to go to the Kava Mountains, from one meter to the highest. Jumping into the stream on a cliff more than ten meters high. Needless to say, if you are nervous, it’s even more frightening. The coach around you, when you don’t pay attention, push you down into the stream and drink two streams of water.


Cebu is made up of 167 large and small islands. Basically, each island has beautiful sea and white sandy beaches. Only the Kava Mountain on Mactan Island is a column. The mountain is not high, in the middle of the island, but from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain, there is a natural grand canyon in its original state, flowing all the year round. The water quality of this canyon is very clear, and the color of the water is blue-green.It contains high-calcium minerals in the water and is beneficial to the human body.


Kawasan Falls, also translated as "Kawah Mountain", the locals called this gorge on the mountain "Badian Grand Canyon". In fact, the Badian Canyon is not majestic, but the gap of the canyon is irregularly distributed. Sometimes it is one or two meters, sometimes more than ten meters. Most of the canyons are gently flowing, which creates good conditions for the canyon.


The canyon is also called "upstream", and the English name is canyoning or canyoneering. In fact, it is a cross-country sport. It needs to wear a helmet, put on a life jacket, go wading in the stream where the canyon is located, climb the rock, or jump from a height into the pool, or even through the cave in the canyon. Very exciting exercise. It is said that the Kava Mountain creek was discovered by several “foreigners” who have made some renovations to make the gorge more suitable for canyoning.


Go to Kava Mountain, first you have to climb to the top of the mountain, then enter the canyon from the top of the mountain along the trail in the mountains. The traffic in Kava Mountain is not too convenient. There is almost no road to the mountain. There are some fields or small intestines. The car can't get close. So in the mountainside, a place similar to the tourist center was built. Visitors who participated in the river drop were trained in safety, dressed in helmets and life jackets, and then accompanied by the team's coach.


There are two ways to go up the mountain. One is to take the cableway called “Asia's first zip line” next to the visitor center, and the other is to walk to the mountain pass of Kava Mountain. The local villagers will drive a motorcycle and help you to go to the mountain pass. A car can bring two people, each of which costs about 100 Philippine pesos, more than 13 yuan. I also took a motorcycle driven by the locals and galloped on the mountain road that didn't call the road. My heart was always on the eyes of the blind man.


Entering the valley mouth of the mountainside, you will find the valley full of original atmosphere. The cliffs are full of lush forests, with high levels of negative oxygen ions, and a fresh breath of air, which makes people feel full of vitality and confidence. When starting a canyon, it is actually not very difficult. If you jump lightly, you can make a step down. The stream of the mountain is not between the thighs at most, and it is not too much stimulation.


Who knows that after a few steps, the canyon has become narrower and narrower, the gap has become larger and larger, and the stream has become deeper and deeper. When jumping, the whole person will be drowned by the stream. And the coach will change the pattern, let you try all kinds of moves into the deep pool, there are jumps, there are inverted onions, there are people lying down into the water, and the back is flat and contact with the stream, even in When you don't pay attention, the coach will push you into the water. The kind of wolf-like kind, only to personally participate in the Kava Mountain can only be realized.


Since the river has come down, it can only jump down the level of the scalp. The more you reach the back, the greater the difference in the stream, and there are no roads to walk on both sides of the stream. You must jump backwards for a moment to move forward. The last section is also the most exciting. Most of the gaps are more than 5 meters, and the highest is dozens of meters. It is basically similar to the diving platform's "high diving." Also, experience how the diving athletes participate in the competition.


The entire Kawa Mountain is down for 3 to 4 hours, and the average person is exhausted when he is halfway through. In the middle of the mountain, there is a small cliff. There are two or three local snack bars, which supply some corn, kebab and other food. If you go up the mountain, you can only change it with your body. I looked at the steaming food and swallowed.


When it was near the foot of the mountain, there was a relatively empty place. There were several small restaurants in the local area. Almost every family was prosperous. It's no wonder that I have been playing for three or four hours, and my physical strength has already been exhausted. At this time, I have to eat some hot meals and hot dishes to ease the effort. It’s just that these restaurants, which have no branches, do not dare to compliment the quality of the food.


Going to Kawa Mountain, the ordinary camera can't take the mountain, because there is no guarantee that the camera will not enter the water when diving, that is, the waterproof bag does not have much use, and only a waterproof camera can be brought. It is best to carry some dry food and bottled water with you before you go up the mountain. You can add some strength in the middle. But being able to stick to it all the time is indeed the biggest challenge for yourself. About the author: Lu Jianhua Photography (photographer, traveler, self-media person)


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