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A few weeks ago, I wrote about one possible solution to managing your stake and voting power of your vested tribe tokens.

Divide and conquer pepper source

Those posts are here and here and suggest creating an account for each token/tribe and then delegating or sending your tokens to this account to vest for issuing votes.

The idea was that you could have this alternate account mimic your main account vote, and add more weight to the tribe vote/s as it was very likely that the VP for these tokens would be underutilized - and no-one likes idle 'money'.

Using this approach is initially quite time consuming and requires a set of accounts. Ahem:

However, if you do have time and the willingness to curate, you can chose to login 'locally' to the various tribes with these alts and dedicate votes to your favourite authors/content. This is the main advantage to another (easier?) option that I am going to try to explain below. Warning - There is code but don't run away, JSON doesn't bite.

The following guide uses a combination of @holger80's post here, and the following link for performing lots Steem blockchain activities at a high level, coded by @eonwarped here:

Vote Porn!

As I don't plan on curating that much porn (or hold, but do want to keep hold of my PORN tokens just in case porn does moon STEEM, I've chosen to vest the tokens received in the airdrop to my main account and buy 500 more PORN to make a nice round 1000 to start with.

I want to give a vote with my PORN Voting Power that is 5 times chunkier than what I issue with my main account, so:

  1. Install Steem Keychain! (Chrome, Firefox)

  2. Go here and find the line that looks like this:

  1. The 'message' box you can leave empty, but you will need your username, without the '@'

  2. 'Posting' stays as is and the JSON 'id' for this operation is: scot_set_vote

  3. In the 'custom_json' box, paste the following:

{"symbol": "PORN", "vote_weight_multiplier": 5, "downvote_weight_multiplier": 5}

  1. Click 'send' at the end of the row and confirm the transaction with Keychain

EDIT: You can also update the vote weight multiplier here!:

Cheers @blockchainstudio!

Did the transaction go through?

Looks good on

Where to see this in action?

This could well come back to bite me on the ass as i know how easy it is to bring up the history of someones tag specific voting, but lets go vote for some porn!

Steemworld is just going to show my Steem Power vote %, and I'm not sure where to see the SCOT tribe vote percentage following the vote and so I logged into

I observed the following, having chosen a 5 times multiplier for my PORN vote:

At 19% weight, the vote value is 5.80178250:

At 20% weight, the vote value is 6.13854548:

And at 21% weight (all the way up to 100%), the vote value is still 6.13854548:

So it looks like the scaling of my vote percentage has worked. Voting this content at 20% (or more) from my main account would mean a 100% vote with the PORN Voting Power.

Choosing the right multiplier amount is probably the most important element to consider. The example above uses 5x, but it could be that you don't want to burn hardly any Steem VP on a particular tribe. You could use 100 for the multiplier and 'tag' the content with a 1% vote, which would then be a 100% vote with the tribe VP.

Also, 5x might well be too high for #palnet content and using my previous guide, abh12345.pal is only voting at 1.25x of the Steem vote.

At present, I'm using both this approach and the one covered in the links at the top of the post. I have the resources and the time to set up the alts, and do like curating 'locally' on the tribe front-ends. I also like not having to use Steem Voting Power at times and this is only possible with the multi-account approach.

Scaling the vote using only one account is certainly tidier and less time/resource intensive, but I do expect one to be visiting @eonwarped's settings page fairly frequently initially to adjust the vote_weight_multiplier should tribe VP still be underused, or overcooked.

If you have bought into some of the tribes I recommend exploring at least one of these approaches to make best use of your investment.

I hope this helps someone, I'm still getting queries and seeing plenty of discussion on the topic.

In a token gesture of support to @eonwarped and @holger80, this post has a 5% beneficiary set for both.



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Great "how to" post @abh12345! Still trying to decide though what exactly (if anything) to do with all of these "tribes" myself. For my own account ...

Nice to at least have some details to follow for an alternative to setting up a bunch of alt accounts, as I am not personally too keen to do that. At least for now ...

P.S. The Brave browser also supports KeyChain (Step 1) ...

Hi @roleerob

I'm also trying to figure out what to do with all those tribes and so far I decided to sit tight and wait patiently at least few months before I will figure out if tribes are going anywhere for real. Or is it just hype that will die one day.


Yes @crypto.piotr ...

"... sit tight and wait patiently ..."

... there is a point at which doing nothing is a wise step to take.

For my family, I would like to see how the long-awaited SMTs unfold, as they will be "built in" to the Steem blockchain. At least that is my understanding ...

Beyond that, anyone can create tokens in a matter (literally) of minutes. Establishing a legitimate and long-term / long-lasting value proposition to them? Well, that will "tell the story" won't it?

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Good luck :)

It's not too taxing really, just keep the post or the code required handy and you'll be tweaking tribe token votes to perfection in no time :)

just upvoted your porn post with 600 porn at 100% lol

Thanks for the porn! :D

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Would be interesting to see how long it takes you to break even from curating like that for what those accounts where “worth/cost” in making in the first place.

While I find it a bit extreme thanks for sharing maybe I’ll change my mind one day and do something like this. The coins I’m holding I have hope will increase in value over time. Any tiny extra I get from curating a random post or here with the tags is good enough for me. I wish you luck in curating every tribe. Cheers to dozens of more tribes being created in the coming months! Let the coins rain.

I count the claimed accounts as free really, although they could be worth something in the future.

The first approach is more extreme but I still think the best one if you want to make the most of the tokens you've staked.

I'll have to focus on maybe only a handful of tribes in future but could still have an alt following a trail to pick up some rewards and (hopefully) push the best stuff up there. I know a few tribes have a curation arm so the easiest thing would be to set the alt to follow that.

Let the coins rain

I'm in England, there will be rain :)

Can't deny that this stuff is well over my head haha! I will stick to the simple stuff like writing a post or making some music and engaging through Partiko and see what happens 😂

I'm sure this is a very useful guide

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You are a creator, no need to worry about this stuff :)

Haha I feel like I actually know very little about this platform after being on it for nearly 18 months 😁

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Excelent idea, man!!!! Tell me 1 thing please, if i have all my tokens staked in just 1 account and i made a upvote with 10% in 1 front-end, it will be 10% upvoted for all tokens, correct?

thank you

#spt #battle #palnet #steemleo #steemace

Without adjusting the vote_weight_multiplier, a 10% vote will go across all staked tokens.

Either of the methods above can help you make this vote bigger for each token :)

Nice tags, I wonder how many votes you will get... :D

ummmm ok

thank you a lot, man!!!

Darn, saw the porn tag and was expecting a different content style... still enjoyed the post anyways and will be sending this around as we’re getting tons of questions about setting this up as well. Since you’re getting paid for this, guess you could say that you are now a professional porn content creator 🤷🏽‍♂️

Well you know, if things get really bad over here...... :)

I still prefer the multi-account option with alts triggering when a particular tag is used.

This method today will burn Tribe VP whether the content is tribe-based (tagged) or not. That's not ideal for those wanting to get anywhere near maximizing their invested stake.


I totally didn't know about this malarkey! So give it a bash tonight!!

  ·  3 years ago (Edited)

Give it a bash and then look at setting your PORN vote weight aye? :D

Hehe, definitely!!!

Oh thanks a lot.
I have to try that... and yes I got a few PORN too.

Hopefully lots of people got a little PORN somewhere :)

Do u know if it's possible to do it without keychain?

Did not know you preferred your porn with chains... good on you for sharing:-)

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Hahaha :D


Oh thanks a lot. I
Have to try that... and yes I
Got a few PORN too.

                 - steemitri

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You can also change vote weight multiplier easily here in my tool :)

Damn, I didn't know you could do it here too. Will update the post, nice one :D

haha i see it's used for a nice example :)

yes, some PORN for you :)

How are you managing the downvoting? Does that use the same method. I've not been bothered much about downvoting but I'm getting so fed up with these multi-tagged posts which have nothing to do with the tag.

Yes it's the same method - in the JSON there is a multiplier for that too but I didn't mention it as not to confuse. I have set it the same as the upvote multiplier but that one could be good for the 100 x multiplier so you only 'waste' 1% of your Steem VP issuing a 100% downvote (which is free on many tribes).

I'm getting so fed up with these multi-tagged posts which have nothing to do with the tag.

This is annoying as hell. Just because people have staked the token they think they should be OK including the tag. Err, no!

Some of my tokens I have been able to power up.

Others that I have not found a way to power up, although it looks like they can.

Is anyone developing a means to toggle all tokens a person wants to power up, all at once? I am not sure I can figure out how to operate all these tokens on my own. I can hold onto them fine. It is a waste if they are not being put to good use by powering up.

You can power them up 'locally' on the app, or by logging into steem-engine with the appropriate account - it's a bit of a pain but yeah, no good if they aren't in the bank!

How do you power them up in steem engine? Is it one of the side icons?

It's the closed padlock - labelled 'stake' on mouse over I think?

Thanks. Had no idea. There is no user guide for steem engine.

It boggles my mind when I think of all the varied behaviors each token has. Hopefully most of them are automated enough to reward me for doing behaviors I already do.

I’m going to admit you have me totally lost with Staking - are the any guides for the terminally dim you can link me to. I can see that I can stake the tokens I have - but I don’t understand the benefit and how to vote with them totally befuddles me.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Umm, I am not sure - it's hard to know where to start as everyone is at a different level.

Have you been using steem-engine? The staking happens there and I think I've covered that on the first guide.

Then you can skip to this one and use either of the methods listed to scale the vote weight.

If you are stuck but have a coin you'd like to stake and earn some curation from, maybe we could meet on discord and work through it sometime?

PORN is on the *ahem* pump today! :D

What I need to know is how to check my current VP for the different tribes. I know you can get the PAL vp with a specific command in the PAL discord. I wonder if the others have a similar thing.

It's doubled up since I bought it, damn!

Just edit the 'a' value and the 't' value :)

Wait, there is now a 'porn' token too?

Sure is!

Up 100% since this post came out :P

Makes sense it's going "up" :)

Dear @abh12345

I've noticed already that you're using different accounts for different tribes. Like @abh12345.sports or @abh12345.leo (I think you just muted me from this account).

I was wondering: isn't just so much work to build your followers on one account and then to try to get them also to follow your other accounts? I found it so easy to get confused. Respect for managing your accounts so well.