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Yesterday when I was browsing steemit, I found an interesting post from @ericet. He introduced a new project Typeean which let me earn tokens by typing English.

Many of us may have heard of earn by typing at home but we know that most of them are scam. And now it happens in crypto world? Haha I don’t think so. Many things can happen in crypto world and their tokens have joined steem engine.
If you want to know more about the project, just go to their introduction post:

And website link: https://typeearn.com/

So before starting earning, we have to buy their tokens. The token is called TPC. The minimum requirement is 20 TPC. I bought it yesterday and the price was 0.405 steem. I am not sure if the price changes now.
It only takes you less than 10 steem to test a new project. It worth and I bought without considering.

Entering the website we can see the menu. At this stage Task is still under construction. I believe the website will take outsourcing jobs soon and pass the job to us. And now, we can only try practice and earn.

Obviously “practice” is for you to practice. And the layout of “practice and “earn” is the same so I only show you the “earn” page. How to earn? Just type all the words exactly the same (including space and punctuation). Each test only requires you to type around four lines and takes only 1.5 minutes. Below is my first try:

So from this test I earned 1.84 TPC which is more than 0.5 steem hahahaha. After earn TPC you can transfer it to your steem engine wallet. And you should do it after each test. It’s because we all have a “Type power”. The number of TPC we can earn depend on your Type Power. It is just like Steem Power we have. The more TPC we have in Steem engine wallet, the more Type Power we have. That’s why I suggest you transfer your TPC earned to Steem Engine at once.

How to transfer TPC to steem engine? Just click your profile pic at the top right corner to your profile, and then click “Withdraw to S.E.”. Choose the amount of TPC you want to withdraw and that’s it!

We can do 5 tests each day. After 5 tests, I earned 7.88 TPC and my Type Power raised from 6 to 8.36.

So it’s time for me to share some point to note when doing tests. You have to keep an eye on what you have typed and avoid any mistakes. It’s because the system tests your typing words by words. If you type any words wrong, you will have the following result:
Besides, here is my suggestion of improvement. The detection of “space” button is not very sensitive. Sometimes when I typed too fast, the system cannot detect that I had typed the space button, which influence my final result.

Now Typeearn is having Airdrop. If you meet the following requirement, you can get the airdrop from them:

  • Reputation over 50
  • Followers over 100
  • Not blacklisted by any users
  • A post over 500 words about the project
  • Using #typeearn as the first tag
  • After finishing all above, join their discord channel, send the post’s link to the promotion channel.
  • Discord Channel: Typeearn

Try it!

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : http://aaronli.steemblogs.club/earn-by-typing-typeearn/

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Wow, I gotta give a try on this! Thanks @aaronli. Are you going to be in Steemfest?

no la haha. Just moved to new job, don't want to take a long leave at this moment

@tipu curate

Ok! I’m on it.

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I wanted to try this but haven't got to it

Oh. This is interesting! Gonna look into this later

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take it as typing practice haha

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Hey, I am the founder of typeearn.com. I like the question that you ask here. Well, I will respond with a few questions. However, I will answer the questions. The project is not a scam. The aim is to bring another means of engagement on the Steem ecosystem. Thousand of people go online everyday on other similar project to type and compete with others. The project is still pretty new, and I can guarantee that the project will be getting fast update. So, the fun is yet to come.

So I buy some tokens, just so that I can win some more of the same tokens?

When you buy Steem for curation, what do you earn?

I win these tokens by copying a paragraph, which generates funds how? Why?

You can't copy and paste. You may try it. People that truly understand the purposes love it.

Thanks and have a great day!

Posted on RealityHubs - Rewarding Reviewers

That's not really answering my questions.

When you buy Steem for curation, what do you earn?

Firstly I don't have to buy Steem to participate in Steemit. Secondly, even if I do, I earn Steem which I can sell for Bitcoin. Which if you can do with your token, why not just tell me that?

You can't copy and paste. You may try it.

In the article written above, copy and pasting is mentioned, which is why I mentioned it.

Again, why not simply explain how it works?

I still have no clue, and you have done nothing to alleviate that.


Firstly I don't have to buy Steem to participate in Steemit. Secondly, even if I do, I earn Steem which I can sell for Bitcoin. Which if you can do with your token, why not just tell me that?

Absolutely! People are already earning and selling Typecoin on Steem-engine. https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=TPC

In the article written above, copy and pasting is mentioned, which is why I mentioned it.

Then, he is sending wrong information. If you would like to confirm, try https://typeearn.com/ You can access the practice without signing in.

haha I think you have to ask the project founder

Okay, the fact that you don't know the answer doesn't fill me with confidence! :-)