Becoming a Certified Ulogger, Here are the actions I took.

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Who do not want to just a moving progress train on the Steem blockchain, though i was slow to join but seeing how things are evolving i make no delay. Just like the popular Nigeria pidgin English proverbs says;

you no go fit dey inside river make you take spit take wash your eyes

my means to it, is that you cannot be in the midst of clear and abundant opportunities and you are struggling. Hence, my journey of being a #certified ulogger to take advantage of array of opportunities that are available for certified Ulogger, hence the actions i took below as required in the @surpassinggoogle post on becoming a certified ulogger Here

Step 1
I transfered 5 Steem to @marlians with memo '1 month certification'.



Step 2
I did a 'ulog' via '' discussing the process of 'how you became a certified ulogger'. which is this post

Step 3

I subscribed to the Ulogger TV YouTube channel



Step 4
I filled the Google form
with required details.



Lastly to hastening process be truly certified have to chat with @surpassinggoogle though not necessary.

These are the actions i followed.

The benefit of being a certified ulooger

Being a certified ulogger is enormous, it is all encompassing from #ulog to #teardrops smt, to #steemgigs and know fully well that #marlian project will be built around certified ulogger.

Get more information from the links below

On, We Will Emanate 'Owners'. We Are Building Around A Grey-List Of Certified Uloggers.

We Curate Posts From Other Tribes That Appear On - Certified Uloggers Will Play And Active Role In Our Movement. Get Certified.

Now is time to be certified take action while it is still at the infant stage

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Am yet to get certified, I thought it's 2 steem.

Now 5

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a great responsibility it will be but you can do it

Get certified

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Your Marlians is a scam.The in of money is all going to the owner.It started selling 200k tokens sold at 0.2 but now you lowered it and people cannot trade and keep buying more.Owner asking for registration of 5 Steems to become verified for thing that are free to be done in the Steemit platform.Token is of African in origin but targets Chinese and Koreans investers.People should beware this kind of project.beware of this scam Chinese and Korean.