Ulog: Wanting to Try Bowling

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We need recreation at times so we can unwind, and reinvigorated when going back to work. I want to try something new, which is still wholesome. A friend of mine even invited me to play bowling in the mall. I am thinking about it because I haven't tried it before.

Looking back, my family went out to play bowling. I am unable to come because I attended our meetings in sign language, and just headed there afterwards. However, their time is close to end so I decided not to play with them.

I wanted to try it now, and see if I can do it. I am even ignorant whether the ball is really heavy, that I am unable to carry it easily. Lol!

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You can choose a ball with a weight that you are comfortable with.

The finger-holes come in different sizes as well as the weight of each bowling ball :)

Yeah I'm observing you brad try to play it and post share here on steemit community

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bro get certified