NodeJS nodemailer - Send Mails Through NodeJS

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What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn how to set up a nodejs project
  • You will learn how to use nodemailer to send emails through nodejs


  • Node.JS
  • nodemailer (package)


  • intermediate


The Tutorial

Hello guys, today you will learn how to create nodejs mail service script.

Setting up the project files

create a new project, call it in any name you want, I call it "nodemailer"

npm init

at the new folder, create a new node project using the code above...


great now you need to install all the packages and the nodemailer package.

npm install nodemailer --save

what does it do?
because you set up the project, now you have a json file with all of the packages you need to install, nodejs is not part of that so we're installing it and on the way, it's installing all of the others!


Good! now you can start creating your script, create a new file called app.js or whatever name you chose for you "entry point" script (Main script)!

Creating the script

so first let's clear some things for this tutorial we will learn how to send mail via Google because it's the most popular service.

now you need to create the transporter, the transporter is the function that will contact with nodemailer, the transporter contains the SMTP(the mail service) and your email details (address and password).
why does it need the password? pretty easy, it can't send anything without your address, don't worry, unless you're sharing that script you don't need to be afraid to lose your password,
for the worst case you can create a new account specifically for that.

Creating the sending function

after all of that, all you need to do is to create the function that will send the email and you're all set!

// Mail Send Function
function sendMail(mail, to, title, body){


mail - the sender (you)
to - the receiver
title - the title of the mail
body - the subject of the mail (the content)

now you need to create a json object that will contain all of them because the transporter requires a json object to send the mail.

  let mailOptions = {
      from: mail,
      to: to,
      subject: title,
      text: body

as easy as it is, I don't need to explain what is what and why.

great now all you need to do is to send the E-mail via the transporter!

  // sending the mail with all of the options (sender, reciever, title and subject[body])
  transporter.sendMail(mailOptions, function(err, res){
    if(err) {
        console.log('Email Sent Succesfully!');
        console.log(`Title: ` + title);
        console.log(`Result: \n` +  res);

so we're using the json object email options because the transporter need a json object and it doesn't get the vars one by one.
if it gets an error we're sending a log to the console so we will know the error and what we need to fix,
if not we're sending all of the data we need,
the title to make sure it sent the right data.
and then we get the result from the transporter!


so what you can do with it?
you can check out my last tutorial (mention notification)
and make a combination of the two, for example, save the data of 5 mentions and then send it to yourself / the account that got notified.

you can make a code verification via email, I used it in a few of my projects in the past.

you can do whatever you want with that!

Running + results

so to run it all you need to do is to create your body, the title and send it to someone, you can test it with yourself!

example -

sendMail("", "", "Test Email", "Hello, I'm a test<br>This is a mail from nodemailer!");

great now it should send the mail, make sure your email is not a 2-auth factor because you would not be able to log-in through the transporter.

I didn't have an email without 2-auth factor so I could not give you results of that,
but it should be perfectly okay!

the result you need to get :

Email sent successfully!
Title: Test Mail

Proof of Work Done

Have a great day!

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