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What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn how to see new transactions that go through the blockchain in real-time


  • Node.JS
  • SteemJS


  • Basic


The Tutorial

Hello guys, today I will teach you how to make a mention notifier!
first, create a new project

npm init


this is my configuration,
I'm using the main script as notifier.js.

now you need to install the packages and the steem package

npm i steem --save


Great, now create the notifier.js script

now add the steem library

let steem = require('steem');

now create a new variable called account which will be the account that gets the notification

// The account that gets the notification
let account = "@lonelywolf";

now use the streamTransactions function to get new transactions through the blockchain

steem.api.streamTransactions('head', function(err, result) { 


now we need to get the type of the transaction

 // transaction type, the type of the transaction
let type = result.operations[0][0];

we're getting the type of the transaction from the object of the operations on the result

same for data, we're getting the data of the transaction

// transaction data, the data that comes with the transaction
let data = result.operations[0][1]; 

now we need to check if the transaction is a comment (a comment can be a comment or a post)

if(type == "comment"){


great now we need to get the body of the comment

let body = data.body;

cool, now we need to check if the body includes our account name (@Lonelywolf)



and now all we need to do is to send logs to the console,
for you, you can make a site that "pushing" notifications on the bell for example on steempeak is on the bell beside to your account

because we're in a basic tutorial I will just send console logs

console.log(account + " You got new notification!");
console.log("URL: " + "" + + "/" + data.permlink);
console.log("Notification delivered by @lonelywolf notifier.js");


and yes, the URL works perfect, you can check it out

Here we're done!
this is a basic tutorial and easy tutorial!

Proof of Work Done

Have a great day!

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Thank you for your contribution @lonelywolf.
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Thanks I will use the suggestions for next tutorial!

Thank you for your review, @portugalcoin! Keep up the good work!

Nice job on this post, but sorry this is not weedcash related.

I'm sorry I didn't knew that I can't bring other content, I will not upload these tutorials to weedcash, thanks and sorry

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Thank you!
I will not continue sharing that posts in weedcash so you can follow me on steemit, palnet and SteemCoinPan :)