EEK,There is another new token in the steem-engine account.『又多了一个新token——EEK』steemCreated with Sketch.

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steem-engine账户里又多了一个新token——EEK『EEK,There is another new token in the steem-engine account.』

Open the steem-engine wallet in the morning and find that there is a new token in it - the Estonian retro money (EEK).

I only dropped an EEK in my account.

I don't know what EEK's airdrop rules are, and I don't know what this EEK does.

看了一下EEK的作者 @tsnaks 的信息,除了地址是爱沙尼亚,他的几乎所有的帖子都是和游戏有关。
Looked at the information of the author of EEK @tsnaks, except that the address is Estonia, and almost all his posts are related to the game.

Since you don't know what's the use, let's keep it, maybe it's another stemspeak!

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (

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