Full Curation STEEMZZANG.

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Hello friends!!
do you like to use #zzan from # that you use in your post.

Tonight #zzan gives a full prize for those who post from STEEMZZANG, who use #zzan and also #indonesia.
one of the Zzan committees had said this in a post that had just been published.
This is a good opportunity that should not be wasted. if you want to grow and become stronger in the future.

Full curation prizes will be given through one of the ZZAN committee accounts.
This complete curation prize will be given for posts published at 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. so your time is only two hours.


Criteria for sending who will get the full curation prize have terms and conditions:

  1. Posts are done through STEEMZZANG.
    Not plagiarism and not a blacklist of certain parties.
  2. Using the Zzan tag in the first place and followed by # Indonesia in the second position.
  3. Paste the post link under the @hhusaini post.

This full Curation Prize is one of Steemzzang's efforts to be able to help and encourage everyone to continue to contribute and continue to be enthusiastic.

I hope it is useful to make this post as information for all those who want to participate. @afril

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