Slowly growing investment on Steem Monsters

in zzan •  3 years ago 

Hi Steemit Friends,

I am bias. I came back to Steem after a break just to play Steem Monsters. I admit I didn't spend much money on the game but I have definitely spent lots of hours into it. I was lucky to win some cards at the beginning and of course from the reward cards which I have slowly accumulated.

I also bought cards and made sure I have 2 splinters that can play at least silver/gold league (stretching it if I am lucky) with the money I was willing to spend in the beginning. Finally today I decided to check how much my cards are worth on discord. I never thought to really check regularly but decided today is the day. To my surprise, I have over $150USD worth of cards. I am not a hardcore player and have mentioned before I didn't spend that much money so seeing that figure surprised me.

With the low Steem currency and be able to still have that value on the cards is amazing! In hindsight I should have spent more on cards and which may worth more now but I guess it is what it is. I remind myself I still have a chance every day getting something decent when I play from the quests.

Keep in mind I am still getting DEC if I win a game and that is also something I accumulated (again not many compared to others but it is something). Steem Monster is definitely something I invested (time and little money) and happy with the result.

sm stats.png


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