Daily 24 Hours Steem Engine Market updates! | 14-10-2019

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Today's Top 10 Tokens review by 24 Hours Market Vol. on Steem Engine

Dark Energy Crystals ( DEC )

Last Price$0.00095
24hr Change:-1.73%
24hr Volume:$801.59
Current Supply:83.609 M
Total Supply:1 T

Steemcoinpan Token ( SCT )

Last Price$0.276
24hr Change:+0.00%
24hr Volume:$676
Current Supply:2.934 M
Total Supply:10 B


Last Price$3.45
24hr Change:400.00%
24hr Volume:$805.48
Current Supply:10 M
Total Supply:1 T

THS (The Holy Stuhl )

Last Price$0.607
24hr Change:+0.00%
24hr Volume:$277.68
Current Supply:21000
Total Supply:303,030

Steem Engine Token (ENG )

Last Price$0.134
24hr Change:2.67%
24hr Volume:$138.91
Current Supply:3.847 M
Total Supply:9,007 T

Sports Talk Social (SPORTS )

Last Price$0.00016
24hr Change:-2.59%
24hr Volume:$153.71
Current Supply:100.205 B
Total Supply:1 T

Taruks Pot (TARUK )

Last Price$0.138
24hr Change:+0.00%
24hr Volume:$147.00
Current Supply:99,999.998
Total Supply:100 M

TPC (Typecoin )

Last Price$0.04136
24hr Change:-25.96%
24hr Volume:$178.00
Current Supply:500,005
Total Supply:100 M

Dance Token (DT )

Last Price$0.00000
24hr Change:+0.00%
24hr Volume:$123.00
Current Supply:1 T
Total Supply:1 T


Last Price$1.00
24hr Change:+0.28%
24hr Volume:$1,179
Current Supply:5 M
Total Supply:1 T

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