Notice of ending 2nd event by @ZZAN.BIZ and starting upvotes for STEEMZZANG Committee Members

in zzan •  3 years ago 

We are getting into hot summer and the temperature is going up and up.
I hope STEEMZZANG makes all of you stay cool and excited everyday.

We are informing you that STEEMZZANG event of changing cover page and link has been ended.

At the same time, starts to upvote on the postings of STEEMZZANG Committee Members which had been excluded from all benefits of events, as follows.

  • Starts : immediately
  • Upvote : one posting per day by account with 50% voting power
  • Period: for 5 days (by this coming Sunday, August 4, 2019)

It is a kind of reward for Committee Members because they had been excluded from all events by now. The posting with high quality by Committee Members will be expected and appreciated.

In addition, we would like to let you know it is the last upvoting event by
And is going back to its own BIZiness field which will make all STEEMZZANG users big benefits in near future.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

original posting in Korean
ZZAN.BIZ의 2차 이벤트 종료 공지 및 운영위원 개인계정 보팅 실행

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