Today's big Event from in STEEMZZANG

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This is the first AND big event from !

We are so thrilled to have more and more Steemians enjoy STEEMZZANG since it was launched successfully and the system is getting settled up.
STEEMZZANG promises to stand by you all the time.

The account is on the track of starting to vote on STEEMZZANG user's postings, so this is the first step, the big event for you.
Now, has planning to implement various types of business in STEEMZZANG which will be able to expand our community.
Hope you sucess with STEEMZZANG!

< Event Details >
Stay with STEEMZZANG...

  • How to participate

step1. update your cover page with STEEMZZANG image as shown below.


step 2. change your website link to at the Setting as Dreamer's profile belows.

step 3. leave your comment with the screenshot of your profile cover page on this posting after last 2 steps finished.

(I guess some people fails to apply it due to the bug, but advise you to try at your wallet page with more information there)

  • Prize : You will get one upvote once a day on your posting with 50% voting power from

  • Winners : 40 steemians - first comers have the advantages ( 30 Korean steemians, 10 international steemians)

  • Period : for one week (starting as soon as 40 people filled, will be announced on the posting later)

  • Restrictions : Administrators and STEEMZZANG Committee members are not allowed to apply for this event.

Sorry, even account has not changed cover image yet.... I have to go and grab the keys from the safe in the bank where we keep them...

I hope all of you enjoy the freedom with STEEMZZANG.

(original posting in Korean : 이벤트!

사본 -zzan_logo_text.png

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  ·  4 years ago (Edited)


Here proof of my profile @pataty69 I changed cover picture and website.
Good luck Steemzzang

sorry, the event has already ended, but I upvote on your comment.

Thank you anyway

here is mine. thank you

good job, thank you

I have replace website and blog cover


Steemzzang is the best

thank you. good luck!

Done. (In case, I was wrong in replying to Korean version of the announcement.)

  ·  4 years ago (Edited)

yes, this is the channel for international users except Korean and Chinese (has their own in-Chinese channel)
thank you for participating~!

Thanks & Wish you a nice day.

Done, i have replace my cover blog and website

thank you for your participation~!

Thanks so

Hello @zzan.en1 , here's the proof of my cover & website link replacement. Thanks

great~! thank you and good luck

Everything done!! How much time have to remains in my profile? Not disturb, only curiosity...


forever? kidding, lol ~ maybe at least one week after the winners is announced. because they will get one upvote every day for 1 week as it says on the period above...

Great, thank you

I did as instructed. Changed my cover image and put the website

great job! good luck

I hope this is not late. Here is my entry

thank you for participation. goo luck~!

Here you go:zzan.jpg

thank you for participation~

May I please ask. Does zzan allow all content of all niches?

yes, it does, feel free to tag 'zzan' on any subject

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